A Time To Play

“The plight of feral dogs is a heartbreaking problem in many countries. The Dogs with No Names project in Canada is the heartwarming story of a brilliant veterinarian and her team’s use of contraceptive implants as a humane, quick solution to the over population that produces feral dogs. Dr Samson-French tells this story with compassion, humour and profound insight into animal and human behaviour. She works specifically with dogs on reserve communities near her clinic in Bragg Creek, Alberta, but this is a book that could inspire resolving the feral dog problem worldwide. The photos and anecdotes will make you smile and cheer for these underdogs.”

Dorris Heffron, Author of ’City Wolves’    

The Cover:

Here Now!!!…The book written to honor the enduring bond between dog and man and the unfaltering alliance our best friends have made with us. This poignant collection of words and photographs reveals the lives of the dogs caught between two worlds, the innovative project to reduce their suffering – and what these dogs teach us about ourselves. Prepare to be moved and inspired, for within these pages you will discover many lessons to be learned from the dogs with no names.

This beautifully presented book is 300 pages long and filled with dramatic black and white as well as colour photography along with the stories behind the images. It will be available for retail purchase and 100% of the profits will be donated to Dogs With No Names initiatives. Special wholesale pricing will be available for large orders and fundraising efforts.


An Excerpt from the Book

 Play gives every living heart an enthusiasm for life that is inimitable

Time to Play

This lop-eared puppy would make anyone smile. She is barely six months old and can’t wait to jump into our arms to be held; the implant process doesn’t bother her at all. As far as she’s concerned, life is a fun journey of discovery, and she shows no apprehension toward it. Her intent, clearly, is to dive with great gusto into every moment she’s granted, and engage anyone with a beating heart to share in the fun. Without knowing it, she emanates a strong and loving energy that embraces everything and everybody. Even through the eye of the camera, there’s no mistaking her mischievous intent: she is actively looking for action, bounding about like a little tease, hoping one of us will chase after her and play. What is most apparent in rez dogs like this playful puppy is the uncanny ability to shut out both the past and the future and fully engage in the present moment. The concept of self-absorption, so inherently human, is totally absent in feral dogs. Once their survival needs are met, most seem to rejoice in life, not for its outcomes or rewards, but simply and purely for its own sake. Their very existence exemplifies a force of nature devoid of mean-spiritedness and unnecessary violence or negativity. In truth, dogs with no names are the paragon of self-actualization. Even in the most wretched circumstances, they routinely deal with the unknown with a sense of acceptance. Unlike humans, they have no need to exert control over others. A strong sense of inner-directedness, coupled with an almost endless enthusiasm for life, carries these homeless animals through their many daily challenges.


All her behaviors signal that life is not only worth living,

but worth living well.


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