Dr Judith Samson-French with a lost soul

Dr Samson-French is a graduate of McGill University, University of Alberta
and the Ontario Veterinary College.
Initially working as a wildlife biologist in the Canadian Rockies, she now owns
Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital,a small animal practice in the Canadian Foothills.
With more than twenty years of experience in veterinary medicine,
Judith initially worked with zoo animals and is now treating companion domestic pets.
From her hospital in Bragg Creek she has initiated an internationally recognized
contraceptive implant program in free roaming First Nations dogs.
Over 50,000 pounds of dog food has been donated to hungry
dogs with no names since the program’s conception.
Judith received the 2013 CVMA Humane Award for her contribution
to the welfare and well-being of animals.

 Judith is the renowned author of two books:

Dogs With No Names


39 Ways To Not Kill Your Best Friend