Dogs with No Names would like to express their gracious thanks to:

Siksika First Nations, Tsuu T’ina First Nations, and Eden Valley First Nations for their collaboration, Lori Rogers (scientific and technical advisor), ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation who provided initial contact and funding), Julie Felber, Mona Jorgensen, Jack Glaser, Dr. Susanne Imorde, and the staff at Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital for their hands on help.

Tanya Reid, Dr Daphne Barnes, Marg and David Chadder, Sue Tompkins, Dorris Heffron, Elizabeth Fermor, and Patricia Conrad for their special contributions. Laura Leah English and Pet Planet as well as Horizon Pet Nutrition for being so engaged with fundraising and selling Pearlmarks.

Evocative Photography has volunteered countless hours to the Dogs With No Names project. With their intimate knowledge of canine behaviour and unique ability to capture numerous compelling images every time they pick up a camera, Erica and James have been invaluable team members. The Dogs With No Names thanks evocative photography for generously donating hundreds of truly evocative images.

Charlotte Harris at Novartis, Heidi Craig at Wyeth, and Shannon Shaughnessy at Vetoquinol have all contributed valuable medical supplies.

Calgary Association of Dog Fanciers has made a generous donation toward medical assistance for dogs with no names, Dr. Katherine E. Wynne Edwards of University of Calgary has spent her professional time running progesterone assays for the scientific project, Loft Industries, Bavarian Inn, and Wallace Galleries of Calgary have helped in many ways.

Citizen Pet Magazine, Dogs in Canada Magazine, Calgary Herald, Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times have all been eager to cover the stories of the dogs we try to help. Over 25,000 pounds of dog food have been graciously transported by CDMV for the rez dogs. Major pet food companies have donated food to dogs with no names, thank you to IamsPurina  and Hill’s.

To all who have given their kindness, encouragement and support, purchased our Pearlmarks, supported our fundraising, volunteered a tour of duty to help implant dogs, fostered and adopted dogs (especially when we we’re in a pinch), our families and friends for their understanding and assistance, anyone we forgot to mention, and finally, the dogs that never bit us…

On behalf of all dogs with no names, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Judith and the team


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