On using a contraceptive implant



  Try to catch a female dog in need of an implant.
Caution: patience is required!




If a gentle touch does not produce lasting contact,
try food. Note the fear stance on this dog:
tail between her legs, elbows bent ready to bolt.






Finally a good embrace where everyone is safe and comfortable.
A local anesthetic solution is injected in the scruff of the neck.








The contraceptive implant, which is about the size of a long grain of rice, is injected painlessly.









Then a microchip is injected so this female dog can be later identified (many dogs look alike).










The microchip is read to verify that it is working.










Then a rabies vaccine is given under the skin of the exposed hind leg.










Field notes are taken, records are kept.











As long as dogs allow us, we attempt to age them by looking at their teeth.







A quick look at their mammary glands and vulva help establish their reproductive activity.









Then we take more notes and follow up on future visits….if we can find them again.







A substantial meal and a deworming tablet is always their reward.








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